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Oral Surgery: Making The Decision When To Get It Done

Bronx Dental - Oral SurgeryWe believe in rendering top-quality service, by a caring and compassionate staff, in a clean state of the art facility. We accept most insurance plans. Our primary goal is to render the best surgical care possible in a compassionate and family friendly environment. We are here to service our community.

Our surgeons have attained their distinguished degrees from accredited programs, are licensed in dental and IV sedation/general anesthesia. All our doctors are:
• Credentialed
• Have hospital privileges
• Fellowship trained

When Oral Surgery Is Needed

Oral surgery includes a number of surgical dental treatments. The goal of oral surgery is to improve the function, health, and appearance of your smile and the surrounding structures, such as your jaw. In many cases, we strive to provide the most conservative treatment possible. Oral surgery may be necessary, however, to correct certain conditions and improve your oral and overall health. Oral surgery may include:
Tooth extraction (for teeth that are decayed, damaged, or infected to the point that an effective restoration is impossible)
• Wisdom teeth removal (for wisdom teeth that are impacted or have grown in at an incorrect angle)
• Jaw surgery (to treat a TMJ disorder, to correct uneven jaw growth, or to improve the fit of dentures)
• Bone grafts (to increase bone density and/or to improve the chances for a successful dental implant)

Recommending Oral Surgery Out of Office

While we provide some oral surgery treatments at our office, we also work closely with local oral surgeons and specialists to ensure that you receive the high-quality results you deserve. Our doctor will carefully evaluate your smile and your dental needs to determine whether oral surgery is the best available treatment choice for you.
We will ensure that your oral surgery is as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about oral surgery and to schedule your individual consultation!