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Dental Fillings

Bronx Dental FillingsA dental filling in Bronx, New York, is generally needed when your tooth has been attacked by
decay. Bronx Dental, Our Dentists proudly provides composite fillings, rather than
amalgam fillings, to give you a natural-looking result as well as a strong and safe dental product.
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When Dental Fillings are Needed

There are two types of dental fillings, amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Dental fillings is a type of restoration, it repairs minor to moderate damage to teeth . Sometimes it’s necessary to recommend getting a filling if the tooth has moderate to severe tooth decay; cavities, for example, or if the tooth is   chipped or has some minor fracturing. Dental fillings are used as a means to restore the original structure and function of the tooth and to give you the confidence to smile big because your oral hygiene is in tact.

Replacing Dental Fillings

The process for placing a filling requires just one comfortable visit to our office. Our doctor will
first remove the decayed and damaged portion of your tooth, and then clean the tooth to remove
all traces of decay. We then fill the tooth with the filling material and shape it to match your
tooth’s shape. Finally, the filling is hardened for a lasting restoration.